Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is it 2007 yet?

I've been trying really hard not to make a "2006 in review" roundup. Not because nothing happend, on the contrary - EVERYTHING pretty much happend. It was one of the most dense years of my life. I just... I don't know. I have this thing that when I see things I've done/drawn/made/wrote/photographed just a few months ago I get kind of down and embarrassed. I don't know why, call it perfectionism or whatever, but it's actully very hard for me. It's funny how I look at what I used to be just a year ago and think "oh, what a silly little kid I was". And I will think exactly the same thing next year, and the next, and probably when I'm fifty too. Sigh. The world of me.
I didn't even do a "blogiversary" post. Yep, that happend too.
Then, I took a look at my Flickr page yesterday to realise that most of the cute photos of baby Suki are gone. Why? Because my flickr was the free 200 only photos account. It looks like my recent frenzy was very photo heavy and I added almost another 200 photos in the past couple of months alone. Hmm... But I do like my "in progress" photos so much... So Ant gifted me with a pro account (isn't this man a treasure? Don't even think about it! He's mine!).
And so I got my "year in review" completely unintentionally, through the back door. There were all the old photos of my cube back at school, and the first sock I ever knit, and presents I've made, and my first Gocco experiments.... All the old photos taken with the old camera. Wow...
So if you feel like going for a walk down memory lane - go ahead.
I'll just go hide from myself and my scornfull looks until we click those champagne glasses tomorrow night and start a new year. With a blank page that doesn't have anything on it yet.

Happy new year!



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