Friday, February 23, 2007


Sorry for the vanishing act this week. My energy levels this week were exceptionally low. Could be the lack of chocolate eating (the house is on a diet), could be the wedding planning (someone please tell me we really can avoid the stress?), or the temperature drop or the fact that Ant had an exceptionally bad week at work... Either way, no energy at all. I've spent much of the week slouched on the couch much like this:

(Well, I was't sleeping on the couch's arm, of course - but you get the picture)

So, what did I do this week?
Sleeping: see above (I must add that I also make a terrific cat cushion, when the resident feline demands it).
Knitting: The No-Thanks_Abercrombie cardi now has two sleeves and I'm back to working on the body. I'm a tiny bit concerend about my yarn supply. I want to have a ribbed edging all around and I seriously hope I have enough yardage left. This might get interesting. I comfort myself with the fact that so far (knock on wood) I've had very little frogging done and the fit is (knock on wood, again) very pleasing. Wish me luck, the challenging part is still ahead of me.
Collaging: I've signed up for Dawn's Paper Quilt Project for February and have been trying to figure out the best idea to collage about (and, may I admit, have been a tiny bit intimidated by the medium. I get scared starting new things sometimes, even ones I'm really excited about. Like my sewing machine) for too long. I hope Dawn doesn't regret her graciousness with giving me an extra week!

In progress:

Finished (guess which "Day in My Life" it was...):
Thank you so much Dawn, for letting me play! It's definitely been the higlight of my week.

Wedding news: after the weekend, please. Maybe we'll have a couple more questions answered and the stress levels go down a bit. Sigh... I'll leave you with some pretty pictures Ant took outside last weekend.

Have a good (and restful) weekend!

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At 3:37 PM, February 23, 2007, Anonymous Sarah said...

First of all, your illustrations make me happier than most things. I love love LOVE how the girls head is fleshed out, but her limbs are stick-like. And I love her expression and well, the whole thing, really! :D

Secondly, I had what was probably the most stress-free wedding of all time -- probably the cheapest too. And we didn't elope or go to the JP or anything. It was a bonified wedding with guests and a ceremony and everything.

I'd be happy to talk about it with you, if you'd like!

At 9:45 AM, March 14, 2007, Blogger Dawbis said...

when i first saw your collage i was estatic. when i read the description on the back i was in love! congratulations sweetie!


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