Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Come on...

Darn it!
I finally set my ass down to write about the past couple of weeks, and Blogger won't upload any photos. $%^#&$!
I'm really way too tired to argue (too much gym, too little chocolate), so let's just hope it'll be fixed by tomorrow so my brain doesn't completely explode.
In the meantime, you should go take a look at some new Suki photos I posted on Filckr (who thankfully is uploading pictures). And I hhave some new items in the shop that you might enjoy looking at.
I'm going to curl into a ball on the couch now and take a nap. With a paw across my face, no doubt.



At 9:06 AM, March 15, 2007, Anonymous sarah said...

What cute new bunnies! I hope blogger straightens up for you soon!


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