Sunday, April 13, 2008

37 Degrees (or 98, you non Celsius folk)

Man, it was one hot weekend! I've taken three showers today and am ready for a fourth. The cats are flat on the floor like a couple of pittas (or should I say matza, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday), all the fans are on and the bedroom AC and multiple cups of iced coffee and teechino have been consumed. Sheesh... And it's only April.
Since my brain seems to be dripping out of my ears in this heat, I'll spend today's post bragging talking about my new workspace. Behold - the studio:

This is what used to be a walk in closet. Now - it's my sewing area!

This awesome table is the Jay desk from West Elm which is awesome. Above the desk is this beautiful art piece by Dawbis She made for me as a part of a swap we did a while ago. Yay!

Storage! Thankfully there's a Paper Source nearby. These work so well in my crammed little space.

Ribbon, embroidery floss and buttons in jars from Ikea.

Ze stash (that I somehow almost managed to double in the past couple of weeks. Wow...)

The computer.

The art desk. I finally have all of my art supplies in easy reach, and that's super exciting! No more drawing on a crowded desk shared by a computer, a printer, a scanner and gianormous piles of paper!

Markers and my lovely owl lamp.

More markers, pencils and this wooden postcard that I got and framed. The cup is some Decole cuteness.

Out the window - the entrance to our small complex.

Ok, I've got to get that fourth shower if I'm about to get any sleep tonight. Sigh...

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At 1:30 AM, April 14, 2008, Blogger Meirav Rath said...

Lovely workspace! All the colors and stuffs!

At 4:41 AM, April 14, 2008, Blogger Nix Sidhe said...

1. I am dying for 100 degree weather I LOVE heat and I am so over this "warm one day, snowing the next" stuff.

2. You have the MOST gorgeous and organized place. You should submit it to so you can be featured there! You did a truly wonderful job!!

At 8:19 AM, April 14, 2008, Anonymous sarah said...

If you lived here, you'd still have the space heater on in your tiny cramped office. At least, you would if you were me. Because I do.

I like the inventiveness of turning the closet into your sewing space!

At 8:05 PM, January 03, 2010, Anonymous sarah b said...

I would loveeee to know where you got that Owl Lamp!! Ilove it!


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