Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Which I Ask for Your Help!

Hi cool cats and kittens!
As you might know, last year I started my new project Mystic Forest Dwellers. It's been going really really well, and now is the time to expand the line. There are many ideas rolling around in my head, but there's only so much time to make them. And so, me and my fuzzy forest friends would like to invite you to help - what would you like to see next from Mystic Forest? And just to sweeten the pie, there's also a giveaway - three voters who will post on the blog or on our facebook fan page, will get a super fun button pack!

How to vote, you ask? Simply, go here! See the survey on the side bar? Click on your favorite option of the five, and don't forget to post a comment. Want another chance to win? Tweet, blog or post on your facebook page (don't forget to link to us and tell us you did) - and you've got one more for the count.
The survey closes March 31st so hurry up and cast your ballot! The three top favorites will become the next products to join the line.
See you at the polling booth!

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At 1:26 PM, March 23, 2011, Anonymous K Cup Coffee said...

So cute . Tx for post


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