Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Going to da zoo

I know it's already wednsday, but for the lack of knitting content (I am knitting, but don't ask. Please), I'll just talk about another one of my favorite subjects:

Animals. I love them. I don't understand how some people don't (and I'm not making a vegetarian statement here, just plain love animals). It took a while for me to go visit a zoo after our 1996 safari trip to Kenya, but since it's my only opportunity to see some of my favorites (armadillos, koalas and capibaras) - off to the zoo I go. This weekend it was the LA Zoo.
The LA Zoo is not half as good as the San Diego Zoo, which is amazing with a capital A, and is under construction, but it's better than nothing. Please excuse the lame photos. We don't have a fancy lens and it was grey on sunday. More photos here.



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