Thursday, May 10, 2007

Me? Random?!

I'm not a random person really. In thinking, yes. Hardly in writing. Never in blogging. As a matter of fact, I can't remember ever writing "just stuff". There always has to be a story, a "subject matter". So I guess it's no surprise that when Sarah tagged me to do the seven random things meme - it took me a week to come up with them all. Yeah, random like a game of chess...

1. We just discovered butter lettuce. I don't quite know how to describe what it tastes like, except that it's the best lettuce I've ever eaten. It's really buttery and smooth. Yum! Can you believe that I'm saying that about lettuce?
2. I don't know how to work that math. It seems that two cats eat like three and poo like four (unless one of the cats is Cleo, in which case the numbers don't really change. Silly kitty...).
3. I recently tried Borders' honey cinnamon latte (on soy milk, of course) and it was delicious.
4. I bought myself two pairs of shoes for my birthday, shoes I've been obsessing about for quite a while. Why two? Because I rock at finding sales, coupons and discounts online, and the two cost like one pair plush ten bucks. Including shipping and handling. Yep, I'm that good. These are the shoes, BTW.
5. I have a bookmark folder called Stuff I "need". I also have a bookmark folder called Cool S**t.
6. Trader Joe's frozen spinach artichoke dip is incredible. Just so you know. I guess that the hour and the fact that I've been working and on my feet all day account for all the food talk.
7. I love watching America's Next Top Model. So what?

And now - I need to tag seven people. So: Tamar, Michal, Meirav (isn't it wonderful how the internet allows sisters to abuse each other from half way across the globe?), Myra, Dorothy, Tania and Dawn - you're it!



At 8:04 AM, May 12, 2007, Anonymous sarah said...

could you link me to the coupons? I've been jonesing for those owl shoes FOREVER!

At 12:53 PM, May 30, 2007, Anonymous myra said...

Those owl shoes really are great aren't they? I wish I could find them locally. Shipping to Hawaii is a bitch.

Ha! I love watching ANTM too.


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