Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who are YOU?!

Who's that? That's Emmet!
No, Ant didn't let me loose at the cat shelter (a very dangerous thing to do, by all accounts). Since I started working full time, Suki's been very lonely. On my days off and the weekends, she'd cling to us very badly and she would cry when I left home for work. It's been a very difficult decision to make (her being such a single child and needing a lot of attention), but the loneliness was driving her crazy.
And then we found Emmet! He's a cute eight months old little fellow, sort of sand colored with green eyes. He's still a bit shy and skittish, but the two of them went from chasing each other around the house (all night long, sheesh) to this:

- in just a week. Very impressive.
Suki's still a bit apprehensive and she's not always sure she likes him, but he's seeking her affection in many sweet ways, so she's doomed to melt soon enough. It's really quite amazing they're getting along so well so soon. We're still not used to it ourselves - we have two cats! Two! Bringing the score to of pets 5: humans 2.
And let's just hope they don't realize there's more of them than us, because if they did - the fridge will get empty rather quickly...



At 10:59 AM, April 30, 2007, Anonymous Your sista, yo said...

I thought he was smaller than that, ah, but he's lovely. To raise such a big cat in a small cage, that's cruelty, that is. But at least now he's free.
Don't worry about Suki; come winter they'll be one big, round, fluffy ball. You know what it's like.
Give my new nephew a kissy-poo on the nowsie-wowsie for me.


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