Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who's that girl?

Wow! It has been so long, I won't blame you if you forgot who I am... Sorry, that was really an unplanned hiatus. Work? Plenty. Multiple idependant projects? Plenty. Life? ...Not so much. Since I really can't see how I can promise to update you at length, in multiple posts without breaking the promise as I make it, I'll highlight the important stuff in one post. Who cares about the unimportant stuff anyway?

1. Life is fine, we've been married three months yesterday, which is shocking. It seems so long ago, and yet, like it was literally yesterday. We miss everyone very much. It was so much fun!
2. Speaking of the wedding, my dear husband celebrated his 26th birthday on the 30th (of May, oy...). Happy birthday, my love! I got him some geekery, and made him one (chubby) Dalek. Exterminate! Exterminate!
3. It's crazy how "grown up" we've become. Last weekend we went for a mini house warming BBQ party at our friends' newly bought house. So now our gang has a married couple and a couple with a mortgage. Yep, we're all grown up.
4. On the personal front, I've started doing yoga. Quite the achievement for a klutz like me. So far, no spraines or broken necks, thank goodness. If you're the bendy girl in the back of my class - I swear I'm not checking out your ass or frowning at you incredible beny-ness. I'm just trying to see myself in the mirror while attempting a warrior III. I swear.
5. I got a new do! Man, do I wish I got it for the wedding too... It's almost a strawberry blond and almost shoulder length and it's got bangs and I love it-love it-love it. Love it.
6. All's well on the kitty front (the kitty news, your favorite part). We spent some time at the vet this month, every time with one freak-out or another. First, Suki got a cold with very high fever (which Emmet brough from the shelter. Yay.), then Emmet got a combo of a cold+ear mites+eye infection. Feeding two cats with three kinds of disgusting medicine? Yay.
7. Two weeks later, Suki slipped off the counter klutzily and pulled a muscle. On friday night. Which meant emergency room on Saturday morning, X-rays (did you know they do them with a digital camera nowadays? Whaaaaaat?!) and an absurd bill. Sheesh. Pets are a great preparation to having kids. They get sick on work days, completely by surprise, scare you shitless, make you cry and feel like a lousy parent and end up costing a ton of cash, but what won't you do for that relaxed look in their eyes that says "Yeah, of course I'm fine. What, you were worried?"
8. They're getting along very well, BTW. Emmet is still behaving like a baby, playing all the time and keeping us up at night, but look at these cuddle bugs. Aren't they cute? Totally worth the new scrathches every morning and the puffy eyes.

More photos here.
9. Speaking of kids, the entire world seems to be pregnant, and congrats to them! The influx of requests for prenatal vitamins at work, led to a very interesting observation: it seems like everyone is either just beginning to make a baby, or almost done. The obvious conclusion - no one wants to be heavily pregnant in the SoCal in August. Smart ladys. Very smart. That's female thinking, we're so practical.
10. A big "Oy" and a big "Yay!" for the news from the knitting front. All is not well with the "Abercrombie" shrug. I guess the evil roommate mojo got into it and no mattern how many times I frogged and re-knit it, I couldn't get the fit right. So I gave up, while I still had my dignity, and it'll go to the local thrift store as soon as I can master looking at it again. Luckily it was cheap yarn. But no worries, since then I've seen the error of my ways via a photo of a hand made cardi someone has just finished that looks a lot more like I was going for. I think I have it now, although it will take me a while before I dare attempting it again.
11. On to the "Yay!" part of the knitting news - I finally gathered the nerve to join Sockapalooza 4! You know how insecure knitting for someone can get you, but I've decided to be brave. I got a couple of Lorna's Laces colorways and have been swatching for the past couple of weeks. I totally dig this yarn! So soft, so pretty (I love how the solids are ever so slightly varigated), so much fun to knit with. Sigh... I'm so glad I got two skeins for myself on top of that (I see Wisteria Monkeys in my future). After much consideration, I settled on knitting Craftoholic's Spring Grass socks using the Powder Blue colorway. Let the stitchin' begin!
12. More "Yay" involves some learning. I've learned to knit colorwork! That's what happens when a pattern tempts me so very much. Behold, actual knitting imagery. Good grief...

They're a blast, really. I still can't maintain gauge as well as I should, but I've frogged and re-knit them so many times already I think the yarn will faint, so I'll just soldier on. So far I've finished one and a half of the other. Hooray!
13. The shop is very slow. I'm contemplating shutting it down for a bit and re-opening when I make enough of the new exciting things I've secretly began making lately. If you want anyhing in the store, give me a hollah. I'll happily ship anything for free. Really.
14. And here's what I'm most excited about - I've made it into Plush You! I'm thrilled. I can hardly believe it. Me? Humble little me? In a plush show? Wow! More details and some talk about the guys I've been making for the show, later. That piece of news does deserve its very own post.
15. Here's the quick roundup of the things I've gotten myself addicted to lately:
- Uncle Eddies Vegan Cookies - move over, get your filthy hands out of the bag. They're ALL mine.
- The new Dr. Who - It's a cheese-ball sometimes, but it's still some darn good stilton.
- Superbuzzy rocks - I wish I made more money so I can help these fine ladies make more money.
- Spaced and Black Books - I don't usually watch comedies, but those two crack me up pretty bad. If you have access to a region one DVD player, get them. Warmly recommended.

Have an awesome day, loves! I promise I'll try and keep in touch better from now on. If only I had a Tardis to travel in time in (so that I could go through every day twice. Maybe that'll give me some time to actually have a life... Maybe)

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