Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Future

My friends, the future is here - and it's called Chromatic. A couple of weeks ago my good old G3 ipod finally gave up the ghost (don't be fooled by the seemingly active screen in this photo. Just try and get it to actually play music). I've had it for four years. And lucky me, it happened just as a brand-new-spanking-gorgeous new piece of music playing electronics got released (my old one was bought right when it was released, mind you).
It's interesting with me and stuff. I take pretty good care of my stuff. My CD player, about 8 years old, is still alive and playing music, in whatever storage box it is. My walkman, that's probably alive too, and I'm only on my 4th cell phone since 2000 (and my first one actually still works. They don't make them like they used to anymore). And so, every time something up and dies on me and I have to replace it - the strides technology took in the time that passed simply boggle my mind. I mean, look how thin this thing is!

So yeah, I have the new nano ipod, yeah it's red, yeah it's sweet and yes - I'd make a really bad gadget-eer.

And this is a tribute to Claudia. I love this little machine.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Adoption day

Why did I disappear and what was I doing?
I was fostering these three babies:


Princess Lulu

Mr. Muffin

Yes, raising baby monsters is no easy feat. Just figuring out what each of them will eat was complicated. And then there was the feeding schedule, and baths, and playtime, and sibling fights, and fleas, and vaccination, and teething... Sheesh! Now they're big enough to fend for themselves, and they're making their way to Seattle, to Plush You. Hopefully, all three will find a loving monster-parent who'll be ready to give them a good home. How can you resist this lovely face?

(More pictures here)

Kristen already outed me, but here's the official announcement - we're going to the show this year! We're going for a four day three night vacation in Seattle. Except for the main attraction on the 10th, any other fun events to look out for? Anyone else coming? What do people do in the Starbucks State?

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