Monday, August 20, 2007

A fantastic ending to a crummy week

So, I'll spare you the details of the week that just ended. Let's just say that it was crummy. Really crummy. But there were a few lights shining this week, and one of them (the one I can actually tell you about) is "Stardust".

Oh, do yourself a favore - ignore the stupid trailers and go watch this movie! It's fantastic! It's a classic fairytale, very much like "The Princess Bride" (only not so very 80's, of course). It's beautiful to watch, romantic in measure, and funny beyond your expectations (no spoliers here - but loads of the giggles belong to De Niro's fantastic character). What can I say - I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD.

And to think that if it wasn't for you, my bloggy friends, who urged me to go see it - I would have missed this gem. And so I pay it back to the blogland - this here blogger recommends it too! If you had any doubts until now - have no more.
Just go see it.



At 8:06 AM, August 20, 2007, Anonymous sarah said...

So good! My hubby and I loved it!


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