Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Now, that's something you don't hear every day...

Did I ever tell you I got sneezed on by a giraffe? Well, I was. Really.

It was the summer of 1996 and we went to Kenya for my sister's Bat Mitzva (awesome! Warmly recommended). We finished a week long safari tour and has some time to kill in Nairobi while we were waiting for our flight to the Seychelles (very warmly recommended), so our tour guide suggested we go to this rescue where they save orphaned baby wildlife and have plenty of giraffes too. We were game (yes, pun intended) so we drove out of the city to the orphanage.
As soon as we got in, we saw this wooden tower, surrounded by giraffes who were being fed by the visitors and staff. My sister and I were on top of it before you could say "zebra". We were feeding the giraffes for quite a while. They eat those giant pellets, the size of a golf balls, which you kind of have to toss to them because darn - giraffe teeth sure are big, and I'm not quite sure they're smart enough to remember they're vegetarians when they're hungry. Giraffes are funny creatures, they're lips have fur on the inside parts too, which makes them look like puppets. And they were hungry, they shoved their faces as far as they could into the tower balcony where we were standing to get more pellets tossed at them.
My sister was in a feeding frenzy, my mom was busy video taping us, and I can't remember what I was doing (talking to them, probably) when all of a sudden I heared a very large, very close "ha-tchooooooooo!" and the left side of my face got quite wet...
It's like, that scene from "Jurassic Park", only by a mammal. Remember that one?

Anywho, last night I checked out Cute Overload, and burst into hysteric laughter.

I don't know if that's "my" giraffe, but it sure is the orphanage we went to.

If this story made you laugh - good! It sure was meant too.

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At 5:36 AM, July 10, 2008, Blogger PurlingPirate said...

Think of the size of the kleenex!

At 12:21 PM, July 20, 2008, Anonymous amy purple said...

i love giraffes, they're such fascinating creatures! even if they sneeze on you. :)


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