Friday, December 26, 2008

And the winners are...

I asked Suki to pick randomly pick two numbers, and that was her response:
(we call this the WTF face, and I've been told I pull it off sometimes too)

So I had to resort to - the random number generator:

And the winners are*...

Congratulations to Melissa of and Jessica of! I'm even more excited and flattered that two such creative ladies (seriously, check them out!) like my work. Thanks, girls!

And yes, I was so happy abut the response to my giveaway that I decided to give away two ornament sets instead of one.
Talking about the holiday spirit.

* Since the contest specified you could comment on any post on my blog, and a couple of people posted twice, by accident, I had to number my posts myself, by order of submission. No preferential treatment here - promise!

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