Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So... What have I been up to lately, except for making plush until my fingers fall off?
1. I have a new Facebook page: Yep, I joined the raving masses. I too am on Facebook now. If you want to make friends, look up Michal Wright-Ward (yeah, that's me. In case you never knew that).

2. I have new ink: A new tattoo (or technically, two)! I love it/them.

It's actually about a month and a half old, and I just got it touched up this week. Cool, eh?

3. We have a new car: Unintentionally, actually. We loved the Civic, and were planning on keeping it for many years until it died. Well... We did. Kinda. It got totalled in an accident almost a month ago. We're perfectly fine, thanks for asking. Still shook up a bit. It helps that we just got the official police report and we've been found 0% guilty. Phew! And now we're driving a CR-V around town. Oy...

4. The garden has been re-vamped: I took out the squash plant who's flowers and fruit kept rotting. No natural pesticide/fungicide could beat it, Grr... Now I'm starting some leafy greens, flowers and strawberries. The tulle you see is a new method I'm trying to deter caterpillars and leaf-miners. Yeeck!

5. Not do new, but exciting - look how my little pocket-size-bunny-baby has grown! She's a real bunny now, and a bossy one too. She chases the cats around the house, demands her food at specific times and she won't let me stop scratching her forehead. Really, that's my hand.

There's some more new and exciting stuff cooking up here, I'll keep you posted. Promise.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Plush You!

Tonight at Schmancy, Plush You show opening! We couldn't make it this year, but if it's going to be anything like last year, it'll be awesome.
I realize I never got to show you what I sent in this year (it's been nuts around here, I'll tell you some other time), so here they are:



and Lilly

More pretty pictures here. Progress pictures here.

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