Monday, November 21, 2011

So... There's News!

There's been so many long silences on this blog that I really should stop apologizing. It is what it is and that's the nature of creativity, right? Well, the past couple of months had lots of different projects in the works that are still under wraps (the reveal of one will be on Wednesday, November 23rd over at the Mystic Forest Dwellers). Well, the time has come to reveal my absolute favorite of those WIPs:

Yup. We're going to be parents.

This has been in the planning for a very very long time, and finally the timing was right. We are so incredibly excited. The baby is due in June 2012, and yes - he/she will have lots of plush toys. Well - dah!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Consider Yourself Plushed

It's this time of year again. It's Plush You! time! I've been lucky to be invited to participate in this show for the past four years, and each year I try and push myself to make things I've never made before. This year's challenge? Plush wearing clothes!
After admiring the work of the amazing Felt Mistress, and successfully making plush that can stand on their own, it was the only obvious next step up the evolutionary ladder to start constructing garments for my plush. Granted, those couldn't really be worn by humans, but they work just fine on display.
And so, without farther a due -


Professor Hobart

and Hannah

More photos here.
Plush You! opens October 14th, 5-9PM at Schmancy in Seattle, WA. If you're around, you should drop by to check it out. Hooray!

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Love, Forever

I love doing commission work. Yeah, it's fun to make whatever I feel like and work to my own deadline (or, ahem - a gallery's). But commission pieces have an added value - an extra done of heart and meaning.
My latest - a wedding cake topper for our good friends who got married in Big Sur last weekend. The theme of the cake was a nest, and I've been asked to create a pair of birds for it. Cool!
The wedding's colors were chocolate brown, mustard yellow and red, so robins fit nicely into the color scheme.
 The nest is store bought (Michael's, I believe), with a wreath of flowers that was taken apart and assembled on it.
 Whatever you do, please don't ask me about the wings...
The cake's decorator was the bride's aunt from Australia, and she didn't see the nest or the birds until the day before the wedding, yet everything came out absolutely perfect. And the best part? It was a lovely day, and a very lovely wedding. Hooray!
More photos here, on Flickr.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where Your Input is Requested, Again

May is a good month in our household, hosting both my birthday and Ant's. This year, my present has been extra awesome. Behold!

My recent survey/giveaway on the Mystic Forest Dwellers blog was so much fun - here's another one (but more of a contest this time): your challenge for the month, is to help me pick a name for her!
Here's the deal:
You suggest a name by commenting on this blog post or on our facebook page. If I pick it - you win a Welcome to the Forest button pack and a special discount code for the store for an entire year!
None of the names stick? Don't be sad, I'll raffle three buttons and a "thank you" hug to one of you, dear helpers.

Hints and clues:
1. All of the things that are dear to me are female. Case in point - Helga, my sewing machine and Lizzie McKindle (you can figure this one out, right?).
2. I love classic, old school names that are real, people's-y names
3. She's a hybric bike and is light metallic blue

Comments are open until May 30th, 12AM PST. Make sure I have some way of contacting you!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

More from Mystic Forest (I Know You've Been Missing Me Too)

A lot is going on around here these days (when does it not, honestly...), so here's today's blurb - 

The Mystic Forest Dwellers shop is getting ready for an update!
This Thursday, 4/28 at 12PM PST, the shop will be stocked with plush galore, button packs and hopefully, a surprise too!

Ready? Set? Shop!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Which I Ask for Your Help!

Hi cool cats and kittens!
As you might know, last year I started my new project Mystic Forest Dwellers. It's been going really really well, and now is the time to expand the line. There are many ideas rolling around in my head, but there's only so much time to make them. And so, me and my fuzzy forest friends would like to invite you to help - what would you like to see next from Mystic Forest? And just to sweeten the pie, there's also a giveaway - three voters who will post on the blog or on our facebook fan page, will get a super fun button pack!

How to vote, you ask? Simply, go here! See the survey on the side bar? Click on your favorite option of the five, and don't forget to post a comment. Want another chance to win? Tweet, blog or post on your facebook page (don't forget to link to us and tell us you did) - and you've got one more for the count.
The survey closes March 31st so hurry up and cast your ballot! The three top favorites will become the next products to join the line.
See you at the polling booth!

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