Friday, October 20, 2006

Things that make you feel better

Suki went in for a spay yesterday, and I was so depressed (feeling guilty, alone in the house, worried sick, like any good parent). She came back home doing good (though grumpy and in pain), but neither of us got much sleep. And when we woke up, we couldn't find her anywhere, and we spent fifteen minutes running around in panic, wondering where the hell could she hide in our small one bedroom apartment. She was under the bad, clearly not happy to see us.

But then we got back from the gym, and she was just sitting there, looking at us. And she played with her feather wand a bit. And things started looking better.

And then I saw this on my bloglines (from one of my favorite, Isabelle Maroger). I think I'm ok now.

(I actually am knitting and sewing these days, but it's either nothing fancy or the teal thing which I refuse to mention lest it inspires another devilish round of frogging. I don't think the yarn will survive another one).



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