Sunday, December 02, 2007

Today at my FA meeting

"Hello, my name is Michal and I'm a Flannel-oholic."
"Hi Michal."
"I wasn't always a user. I swear, I used to think that flannel is stupid and cheap and really not cool enough. But then... (sigh. Trying to contain herself) I started sewing pajama pants."
(sympathetic whispers and nods from the audience)
"I thought I had it under control. I really did. I sewed one pair, and it was really cozy, and the pattern was so stupidly cool, and it was cheap, and... and... (sobbing) I got hooked! I thought I could stop whenever I wanted too. But... but... (breaks down, bursts into tears and being ushered back to her seat, hugged and patted on her back on her way there."

Yeah, I really needed that Flanneloholics anonymous meeting today. Every store that has a handkerchief's worth of fabric gets examined for some flannel. I even got flannel at Walmart, on the way back from San Fran! I do indeed have a problem...
(But hey, it makes for some darn comfy PJs!)

This post was brought to you by the wish not to discuss really important, really exciting stuff that I don't wish to jinx. You will find out soon enough...

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