Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey! Whatsherface is back (maybe)

Hey look! I'm still around! Dear, oh dear - have I been gone this long?
Life has been really busy since we got back from Christmas break, and I can show you none of that (yet, at least). Busy, but good busy. My, oh my...
So what have I been doing? Drawing, mostly. And sewing with my beloved Helga, working out, drawing some more, working, sleeping (very little, usually on the couch), growing another year older (last year of my 20s, people!), getting addicted to new TV shows (House and The Shield), drawing even more, playing paintball (yeah, sis, I'm a job'nick, but i can hold my own on the paintball field!), cooking and making new friends (between drawing sessions).
What can I show you? This little cake topper I made for our friends' Amanda and Phil's wedding (photo courtesy of the happy couple and their wedding photographer. That's the day our camera died, seconds before the wedding ceremony started. Of course).

I have more to share, I promise not to vanish on you quite so often. If I misspell stuff more than my usual though, please forgive me, I must have drawn all night again.

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