Thursday, December 29, 2005

I got my needles in the mail yesterday. Yey! It sucks so much living in the nasty little suburb I live in that has needles sizes 6-10 only and only acrylic yarns. I'm tired of ordering stuff online all the time. Anyhow, I started knitting my first sock! It's got a ruffled edge and it's ribbed. I'm glad that my first yarn looks quite cute when knit (Phew! Relief...). Progress reports - when reports are due.

And it's the 5th candle of Hanukkah when Ant lit the candles for the first time. Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Hanukkah! (at last)
Finally I got my menora (or Hanukkah, as one of my other Israeli-American insists on calling them, still). It's this Hanukkah kit that's originally for kids. It comes with candles, a tin menora that's kind of a box to hold everything, some draydels (sevivonim) and, of course, chocolate coins (gelt). I made the mistake of ordering a whole box of Elite chocolate milk ones, and I'm trying to get rid of them, still. Want some? Now we're really a mixed religion family. Ant even says "Amen" properly. I didn't make him repeat the blessings with me. I sing them too, as it is our tradition. Happy.

And now for something completely different: yarn. Lots of it, in lots of colors. The first attempt was of hot pour dye. This is Kool-Aid dying, though, and I made the solutions WAY watery. Before I knew it, The yarn was literally swimming in boggy water. I steamed it afterwards in some red and purple Kool-Aid, and it ended up looking kind of ok. I intend on kntting my first pair of socks from it. Yep.
The second yarn came out much better. It's still Kool-Aid, but it's dip dyed this time. It came out a lot lighter and less intense. It didn't drink the dye as much as I hoped. But I still like it. Maybe I'll make a pair of footies from it. Or something.
Only thing I wish is that the entire yarn took the dye evenly. For some reason, with this yarn (100% merino) one strand took the dye way darker. Which is strange, because the other yarn which is 50% merino 50% alpaca took the dye perfectly evenly. Mistake in labeling? It's a great seller, though. No complaints. I like the yarn too, make no mistakes about that!
Ahh... I think I finally got it. Dip dye again, from a second stack of Kool-Aid, purchased in a hurry Xmas day. I made a mistake in the labeling, though. The name of the tune it was named after the famouse "Blue in Green". By whome? Ah? See who knows this. I think I'll reproduce this in the future, maybe for sale on Etsy.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas and Happy Hannukah!
Merry Xmas to Ya'll! This is my awesome first tree with presents (after Santa raided the cookies and milk. Ant swears it wasn't him... My adventures with yarn dying (and the knitting, and film, I promise!) - tomorrow.
Enjoy your holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh gosh! (or - how some days are just GOOD!)
So, the day began with a breakfast of champions, rodent style. My first day as a full-time zoo keeper. We actually went to bed really late after playing D&D (yep) until 3AM. I didn't play in like, three years. Wow... Anyway, feed the pets, go to the gym - bla bla. I needed to do some stuff at the bank and other stuff, but I decided to join Ant and go to Best Buy. Some quality time with my love, AND - there's a Petco right next to it. Dah... So I go in and admire the little fuzzies. I've been a bit sad about Max outgrowing his cage, but time and room constraints (student living in the dorms. Yep and yep) always discouraged me from getting him a new cage. mainly money. I think i gave up on the building him a new cage a while ago. Anyway, so I wander around Petco, collecting some juicy piggy snacks, when I decided to finally get Max the cage. The money from my IDF release funds finally arrived (thanks Mom!), and I figured - now or never.
I'll spare you the debates we had about which cage is nice yet affordable. We finally found one I could live with and would make The Pig happy. I go to pay - and OH GOSH! The cage was originally $99, which is fair. It was discounted to $74, which was not bad, but when the cashier rang it up... it was $25!!! Ant wanted to flee immidiately, but I had to be the good girl and ask. And lo and behold - some stupid (and now jobless) clerk inserted the DISCOUNT amount into the PRICE field of whtever stock database the store is using. HELLO! Huge, brand new cage for $25?! Hell yeah!
So now Max's got a home with a patio, he's pretty darn happy, and I'm pretty much through the roof. I still can't believe it. Add to that the fact that Ant found two DVDs he was looking for for half off of the Amazon price, we concluded that it was a good omen of some sort and that that was the time to buy a new car, or a house (or both). Who knows what discounts we'd get on those...

And that's from yesterday - my first X-Mas tree! And Max and Mixie getting to know each other (from a baby safe distance).

Tomorrow I swear I'll talk about yarn, knitting AND film making. I swear.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My X-Mas Zoo is Open!
So! The zoo is OPEN! Today I got Mixie to take care of for a couple of weeks. She is the sweetheart guinea pig of the Student Affairs' office at CalArts. She inspired me to get Max. So now we have three rodents (with Rudolfo the chinchila) and two turtles. I'll have to vaccum every day now... So far Max and Rudi met, but ony briefly.They may be just a bit too male/territorial to get along perfectly. It'll be a while before I introduce Max to Mixie, and only under strict supervision. No baby pigs for us... ; )
want more updates? Check out this site I made!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Welcome me!
It seems like everyone has a blog these days (and honestly, i've been dead jelous of the knifty sock exchange...), so i figured i'll give it a go. Maybe I'll be brave enough to keep going, maybe not. At some point this will turn into the production notes from my film and such. No worries, though. No one will make you read it. My picture is actually my guinea pig Max. And speaking of animals: I am currently hosting a X-Mas zoo (meaning, I'm babysitting everyone's pets this X-Mas break. Yeepee! More updates later.