Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Belated weekend report and WIP

I'm so late reporting about my weekend shenanigans, but I have a good reason. Between the car making troubles again and Suki getting her stitches infected, it's been on the move non-stop these day. But all is settled down no, thank goodness.
The image above is what I've been doing for most of this past week and weekend. All I can say is that it's crocheted and is a part of a b-day present for someone I dearly care about. If you know what that is - SHHHHHHHHHHH! When she gets it, I'll post photos (because it's no longer a WIP really...).
The weekend was fun: catching up on some badly needed Zs, watching Suki bouncing all over the place again, meeting up good friends from up north, watching "The Prestige" (pretty good, you should go watch it, if only to drool over Christian Bale), got my rear kicked by the new cycle class instructor, went to Chinatown to stock on some herbal supplaments and shoes (pink brocade, purple and red silk, and luckily I stopped there), knitted a bit and in general - had a good time.
And now it's mid-week and I'm behind on everything. Well, not on my posting. Check!


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