Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The big reveal!

So, you've waited long enough for the big fun news...
We got a new apartment! Why the hush-hush and sneaking around? Because we almost didn't get it. It came down to a race, almost between us and another couple who applied before us but wasn't reliable. We were really heartbroken when we thought we lost it, hence lowering our expectations and trying not to jinx anything. LA rentals, I'm telling you. It's a vicious world out there. But now it's ours and we'll start moving in little by little until the end of the month. Yeepee!
It's a cute two bedroom in Los Feliz, a fully renovated 1920s building (kind of like our current place) in a mini complex with a gate, garage and tiny garden. It's got large windows so it's full of light, it's got all the appliances, including a washer and dryer (oh, yeah!). It's 15 minutes from work, and two seconds from Hollywood, Silverlake, Downtown LA. W can finally stop being anti-social and hang out with friends, go out on weekends without the dreaded hour long drive back.
It's all ours and we're moving in a couple of weeks.
Yep, we're doing a little jig of joy.

This is my love at Fred 62 on Vermont st., having some yummy food, chilling on Sunday afternoon. This is the life, I'm telling you, and it's all ours now.



At 8:31 PM, December 13, 2007, Blogger Tamar said...

Fabulous news!!! There is nothing like a washer and dryer. And lots of daylight. And a short commute. Especially in LA, huh?


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